Nanu app allows free calls in Singapore

nanu appIf you are interested in using free call service to speak to your families, friends or anybody else in Singapore, then Nanu, an Internet phone service that is set to deliver free calls to customers in the country.

The company behind it, Singapore-based Gentay Communications, believes that people will love to use the app as it benefits them by giving international calls free of cost.

There are various service providers like skype, Viber and a number of other Internet telephone companies who offers such services with some amount of money being charged from customers.

However the if you are using the Nanu app services, cost of the calls will be borne by advertisers, according to the company officials, which also informed The Business Times in Singapore that it is in talks with potential clients such as Nestle, KFC and HTC. They will put an unintrusive short ad on top of the ringtone. So that the advertiser pays for the cost of the call, not you.nanu app

If you want to call, you have to download the Nanu app on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The one good thing quoted by company is that you do no need a fast network to give a call, so it will work on 2g and congested networks will works at any palace where your phone does (in the elevator, the subway, the car etc.).

Local voice calls from a fixed line phone are already available for free by various broadband users in Singapore.

Presently company is offering all Nanu to Nanu calls unlimited and free. However, Nanu to non-Nanu calls will be free for 15 minutes to the first 1 million users who download nanu. There is no news on till what time these calls will be free to its subscribers.

Source : Google Play Store/ Via