Google voice-search for Android gets multi-language support

Google Search v3.6 version
Google Search v3.6 version

Google has updated its search app on Android with support for handling multiple languages at once in voice search. In a post on the official Inside Search blog, Google announced the roll-out of this feature. The latest version of the app will automatically reach all Android device users with access to Google Play.

Earlier, the Android users were able to use voice search in over more than 50 languages, however it required change of settings if anyone wanted to switch between languages. Now, with the Google Search v3.6 version, the users can simultaneously search in multiple languages.

Right now, the application allows you to select upto five languages and Google will automatically understand the language you are using.  To select the primary and others languages, open Google Settings app, tap Search & Now > Voice > Languages, and select your languages.

The present limitation of the app is that you have to stick to one language per sentence. I think that will work for most of us.

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