Google launches voice search in Hebrew and Arabic

Google has announced that now users will be able to search in Arabic and Hebrew languages on their Android smartphones.  Residents of Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, and Israel countries use these languages.

This feature is now available on Android devices running on or above Android 2.2. All you have to do is tap the microphone icon in the Google search widget on your device home-screen. If the widget is not available on your device, you can easily download it from Android Market by searching Google Voice Search.

According to Google Blog, they faced several issues while implementing the support for these languages in their voice search such as how to understand words with diacritics (accents that indicate a difference in pronunciation, a linguistic phenomenon called “Nikud” in Hebrew, and “Tashkil” in Arabic) and words appended with other words (“and” for example) that can have many different nuanced meanings.