Fliq Android Apps now available in Korean

Mark/Space has localized four popular Fliq apps into Korean, bringing a new level of functionality to Android phones, tablets and e-readers for the language users. Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks, Fliq Calendar, Fliq Bookmarks productivity apps are now available free on the Android Market.

“As phones become more powerful, we rely on them more to perform the daily functions our computers used to own,” says said Brian Scott Toney, Mark/Space Director of Sales and Business Development. “Fliq apps help people manage their schedule, to-do lists and tasks while they are not in front of a computer. Even notes can easily be captured when you’re away from the office.”

–          Fliq Notes lets customers take notes on their Android device, then edit, color, sort and categorize them.

–          Fliq Tasks help customers manage the every-day things we all need to do. Create, prioritize and set due dates for tasks and to-dos.

–          Fliq Calendar enhances the basic built-in calendar to make managing work and playtime easier.

–          Fliq Bookmarks, along with The Missing Sync software (sold separately), provides one convenient location for mobile bookmarks to live side-by-side with the longer list of bookmarks from the computer.

–          Free Fliq apps can be used as stand-alone mobile apps. If customers want to sync their Android device with a PC or Mac, The Missing Sync software from Mark/Space, sold separately, syncs Fliq apps wirelessly with Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal.